I have moved to Tarot Readings By Ciaran

If you would like to schedule a reading with me, please text me or leave a message at ‪(651) 504-4963‬ or join me on Facebook at Tarot Readings By Ciaran.

I am committed to your safety and your health.

Readings are held one-on-one, in a private space which is cleaned between uses.

I and the Healing Roots Wellness Center practice social distancing and masks are required of all staff and patients in any public space within the center. The center also employs alternative cleaning disinfection methods including ozone generators.

The reading room has a dedicated HEPA air purifier.

I am vaccinated and wear K94 masks (comparable to N95), and follow CDC guidelines for cleaning the reading room and my equipment.

During readings, within the reading room, masks are optional, and at your discretion.

If you are unable to attend an in-person reading for any reason, or would prefer to not meet in person, readings and life coaching sessions may be held virtually instead.