Transformative Tarot Readings by Ciaran

Explore your story, awaken your preferred future.

Tarot is a card playing game that is used for divination and cartomancy. Most decks have 78 cards with pictures on them that tell stories that can help us explore the cycles of our lives and ask β€œWhat-If” questions about our choices and goals.

Tarot Readings generally start by randomizing the deck, and drawing cards. The definition of each card comes from many different traditions and religions, but the context and meaning of the reading comes from the person asking the question. Like ‘naming that song in 3 notes’ the reading becomes a collage of random yet interconnected images and stories which are reminiscent of our own lives. In this way tarot readings can help us recognize patterns, events, opportunities, and even traumas in our own lives.

Transformative readings focus on identifying anything preventing you from achieving your preferred future, by exploring your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and your integration with your environment.

Tarot readings are a tool that helps us consciously change our behavior, and thus our lives, giving us a greater chance for happiness and success.