I have moved to Tarot Readings By Ciaran

If you would like to schedule a reading with me, please text me or leave a message at ‪(651) 504-4963‬ or join me on Facebook at Tarot Readings By Ciaran.

Transformative Tarot Reader

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My personal approach to tarot reading combines traditional tarot readings with NLP life coaching (Neural Linguistic Programming) and aspects of transformative psychology. My focus is helping you to explore the story of your life, and identifying concrete steps that you may take to help you ensure your own happiness and success.

I started reading in the mid 80’s, and was blessed to be able to study with Loui Piper and Nell Morningstar. Nell has helped me find a deep appreciation for the potential of tarot and story telling.

As a facilitator of the Twin Cities Tarot Guild I teach tarot and help others expand their understanding of their own path through tarot and readings.

I am available for readings on Wednesdays from 10 to 8 pm at the Healing Roots Wellness Center in River Falls, Wisconsin. I am also available for virtual readings via ZOOM.

To make an appointment with me, please use my Schedule A Reading page.